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Infrastructure and

IIMS Infrastructure and Facilities

The only institute in Nepal affiliated to Taylors University, Malaysia is situated at the heart of the capital city, Putalisadak, Kathmandu. You get the best of you when you work with the best. This is the reason we never compromise with the infrastructure, facilities, equipments, and study materials that we give to our students and we make sure our students get the best faculty members to provide the Quality Education. IIMS College is 24 hour wifi enabled zone with the high speed bandwidth from World link connections. Each and every one inside the premises is being monitored by CCTV. There is sufficient number of CCTVs in each and every corner of the campus for safety and control.

Lecture Hall

The lecture rooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. They have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented by well-equipped facilities. The air conditioned lecture halls at IIMS are fully equipped with all the necessary multimedia presentations and audio-visual equipment to facilitate effective learning. They are designed to promote maximum interaction between the faculty and the students. Each room has Internet and Intranet connectivity. The students are monitored every single minute from CCTV.

Computer Lab

The students at IIMS experience the finest computing environment for their practical sessions. Computer Labs are located on the first floor of every building inside the college.


Parking space is much more sufficient for students as well as faculty and staff members. There are separate spaces utilised for two wheelers and four wheelers parking.


The cafeteria offers a variety of inexpensive food choices. The canteen offers both vegetarian and non vegetarian items. The food offered by the canteen is not only delicious but also hygienic. They provide service under sanitary condition.

IIMS Library

The college has a spacious library with a rich collection of books and journals predominantly related to management and IT. The vast reservoir of knowledge is a source of constant value addition for the knowledge seekers and mental stimulation which help updating the knowledge for the faculty and students alike. The Institute adds new books to the library every semester. The Institute pays special attention to not only strengthening the library with additional books and journals, but also to ensure that they are utilized well by the students both for their courses as well as to extend the frontiers of their general knowledge.

The library uses web-based software, for maintaining the database and circulation relating to daily operations. In addition to this, facilities like CD-ROM workstations, Audio-visual section with video and audio-cassettes are also available.


Other Facilities

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