National Strategic Plan priorities where it aims to increase case notification, maintain treatment success rate, strengthen DR TB diagnose services, expand case finding by engaging private sector providers for TB care, scale up community system strengthening program (CSS). Global fund investment is been planned through intensifying case finding, maintain 90% treatment success rate, management of Childhood TB, strengthen patient management of drug resistant TB, strengthen TB/HIV collaboration.

Based on the key intervention following are its progress:

  • TB-PPM has been conducted in 15 districts
  • Childhood TB program is been running in 28 districts
  • Contact tracing program is been running in 38 districts
  • FAST approach program is been running in 16 districts
  • DR hotel is been established in 16 districts
  • Sputum courier is been done by 34 districts.

Where following sub recipients are been working in different sites:

  • BNMT covers 5 districts
  • BWSN covers 8 districts
  • HERD covers 7 districts
  • JANTRA covers 4 districts
  • KIDS covers 9 districts
  • NAP+N cover 8 districts

Case notification is has been increased by only 1% in comparison to that of previous year 2073/74. Treatment success rate has been improving.