WoW Madhesh – Digital Storytelling Workshop

Prijun Koirala

9 months ago

Two events “WOW Digital Storytelling Workshop” were held in Birgunj and Janakpur on October 15-17 and October 18-20 respectively. The workshop aimed to train young women in digital mapping and storytelling. As a side event for WOW Madhesh, the purpose of the workshop was to enable young Madhesi women to tell the stories of their places. The workshop intended to collect stories of the entire Madhesh area to present during the WOW festival in janakpur. 

Women of Terai has a lot of potential and are full of stories, but they lack platforms to learn and build their skills. Hence, we used the camp to develop “Digital Storytellers” by upscaling their skill on content writing, multimedia, social media promotion and mapping their own place. We intended to help collect and present their localities/data in digital map, collect first hand multimedia stories from the people and present them in digital map with interactive online portal.

The workshop was attended by 15 young females and 1 male with high enthusiasm. Most of the participants did not come from a story-telling, media or journalism background. The training sessions were interactive, participants worked in groups, pairs as well as individually to develop stories and to practice the lessons trained. In the end, their feedbacks were taken in the form of video, and personal surveys.

Some examples of story ideas collected are Open spaces in the city, safe and unsafe spaces for women, exemplary women like muslim female girl in a national singing competition, women artists of Mithila, Policewoman of Madhesh, women rickshaw drivers and social stories like single women, orphanage run by a woman and women substance abusers. Among these, we , together, decided to create a map of places where women feel safe and unsafe in Janakpur and Birgunj.

Safe and Unsafe Maps

About 15 story ideas were collected from the participants. Even after the training/workshop, the young storytellers continued to work on their ideas and prepare a presentable story by the time of WOW festival. StoryCycle, along with Sanskriti and Sano Paila, will continue to guide the storytellers throughout the process. 

WOW Exhibition – Janakpur

The third edition of Women of the World – WOW Madesh festival was held from 6  to 7 December at the ancient city of Janakpur. The first 2 WOW events were organized in Kathmandu. StoryCycle placed a booth showcasing the output of StoryCamps at Birgunj and Janakpur. The booth also had a scratch map in which visitors marked the safe and unsafe places of Janakpur by sticking smileys. Red sticker indicated unsafe places and green sticker, safe. We also developed placards so that the participants can have fun with it and take pictures.